What does eating well mean to you?

Whether it is going without meat on a Monday, cutting out gluten maybe simply keeping an eye on the calories, we have put together some delicious meals on our menu to make those good-for-you choices easier.

Deciding that you are going meat free for health, environmental or animal welfare reasons doesn’t mean as a vegetarian you are stuck with salads. Our menu has some tasty veggie choices you and your taste buds can really get excited about.  For breakfast you could choose our Organic Oats, cooked to perfection with Cinnamon, Apples & Toasted Pecans.. one satisfying breakfast option.

Avoiding gluten? As long as you don’t have a celiac disease or a wheat allergy (in which case you should check with your doctor), we have some great options on our menu that could be just what you are looking for (in fact almost 95% of our menu is gluten free)
Our all natural turkey chilli is a hearty blend of dark turkey meat raised without antibiotics and tender protein packed beans, slow cooked with veggies and spices. Its perfect on a cold wet January evening

Protein is the powerhouse of any meal and gives your body the lasting energy to get you through even the roughest of days. Our powerhouse Kale & Chicken soup with walnut is an excellent source of this important nutrient

Counting calories? I have picked out some of the new dishes coming onto our menu over the next few weeks that are all 500 calories or less. Lentil Quinoa Bowl with Roast Chicken (390), Ancient Grain, Rocket Leaf & Chicken bowl with fresh fruit and veggies (420)

Want to know more on how we take the hassle out of preparing and cooking good, healthy food get in touch today….


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