Kickstart A New You With My 9 day Programme

My 9 day programme does do pretty much what it says it does. If you’re looking for a good detox, or you’re looking for motivation to eat clean and lose weight then I would certainly recommend it.
We all need a  jump start to a healthier lifestyle & that’s why  I started the our 9 programme combined with the meals  (RBK Fresh Fit Food)I have been cooking for my customers for the past 2 years.
Our RBK Fresh 9 day Programme comes with 3 choices

  1. 9 day programme €145
  2. 9 day programme with 7 x 600 calorie meals €185

Detox Pack / 7 x 600 calorie meals / 3 Fitness Classes
My Results after 9 days = 13lb weight loss, and 11 inches shed. ( I still have a long way to go to reach my goals)
I have had over 100 people complete this programme in the past 5 years and the least that has been lost over the 9 days is 7.5lbs and 3 inches.

An ideal Christmas Present 🙂

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