Fermented Food

Did you know that a lot of the food we eat is actually fermented food. This includes coffee, chocolate, yoghurt, cheese, wine, beer and even some types of bread.

Other less typical fermented products include miso (paste made from fermented soya beans and barley or rice malt, used in Japanese cooking) and tempeh (an Indonesian dish made by deep-frying fermented soya beans) – all Japanese fermented soy products.

Some of these may not produce the same health benefits as others, simply because they are likely to have been through a manufacturing process that does not consider the delicacy and fragility of the by-products of food fermentation.


The RBK concept: The cleaner and less processed food is, the more nourishing and beneficial to us it’s likely to be. A lot of the food we eat has been processed. It will have been through a factory production line. This is good business, but not so good for you and your family’s health.

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