Buying Local Produce

Everyone and their mammies seems to be into buying local produce these days, and it turns out that there are actually some real benefits to supporting your local farmers, producers, fishermen.


Buying local not only supports the members of your own town, buying local produce boosts your local economy.

Local food is also less likely to have been grown using pesticides and harmful chemicals, which is better for your own health as well as the farmers’. Were you aware that hundreds of farmers die each year from overexposure to pesticides, and buying locally will support your community’s farmers avoid those harmful chemicals.


Helping out your community has benefits that reach far beyond your parish’s borders. One of the biggest contributors to climate change is pollution from land and air travel. When food is shipped in from hundreds of miles away or more, it pollutes the air, thickening our ozone layer and making the planet irreversibly hotter. It also loses a lot of nutritional value over the course of its long journey, making it far less healthy.


Buying local removes these dangers, so you can rest easy knowing that your meal was ethically sourced.

  • Ross B Kitchen Tip: Cut down on food waste by reducing the amount of food you put in the bin. Use  air-tight containers to keep unfinished meals for leftovers and check whether food past its sell-by date is actually spoiled – most food is still good several days past its sell-by date.

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