4 Tips for Summer Slimdown

Holidays, Beaches, barbecues or summer parties… Whatever your plans, plenty of people hope to lose a little weight this time of year. So, what are the easy first steps anyone can take to reach their weight loss goals?

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Give Yourself Time

At RBK, we’ve helped many people achieve healthy, lasting weight loss. There may be plenty of tricks out there that promise short-term or drastic fixes, but we’ve learnt over years that the best results come from straight forward dietary changes and a bit of planning.

Starting a fresh meal plan early is by far the easiest way to achieve success in good time for the summer holidays and beyond!

  1. Be Positive

It’s important to believe in yourself! Plenty of people diet half-heartedly because they don’t really believe they’ll make it. Focus on specific goals that mean something to you. Try picturing yourself in that dress at that party… hang your outfit on the wardrobe door, even!

  1. Let People Know

You don’t have to share every detail or ambition, but letting people know that you’re going to lose weight is often the key to doing it. Sharing doesn’t just keep you from slacking, it’s a great way to stay motivated, too. Telling a few loved ones won’t just mean sharing tips and tricks, either: they’ll also be able to share in your successes!

  1. Get Writing

We all know how much easier it is to finish off that packet when there’s no one watching. Sweets, crisps, or chocolate; whatever our tipple is, binging is most often a solitary affair. But writing up your eating habits is proven to make a huge difference, even if you aren’t showing it around!


Whether you count and log your calories or just keep track of portion sizes, you’ll notice quickly that having to write exactly what you’ve eaten curbs your tendency to munch away!

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

A key reason people over-eat is plain old thirst… and that’s never more true than in the summer months. Whether you’re stuck in the office, out and about, or just relaxing at home, keeping a bottle or a glass of water with you is a great way to fend of thirst and hunger.

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Get in touch on and I can share our summer slim down packages and meal plans…….

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