Mini Clean Trial

Christmas is fast approaching. To keep our health strong during the festivities, why not try out our Mini- Clean Trial before the partying really turns up.

How does the Mini-Clean work?

For five days, remove four common toxic triggers from your diet and increase the whole foods you eat.
The four common toxic triggers to remove are gluten, dairy, sugar, and alcohol.
By doing this you will naturally give your digestive system a much needed break and flood your body with increased nutrients.

Everyone can benefit from a Mini-Clean because our bodies need support to function at the highest level. Even five days of following this programme can bring about enough change to help you feel really good. Common complaints such as headaches, bowel irregularities, allergies, weight problems, depression, anxiety, and pain are largely caused by failing detox systems.

Yet much of these health challenges can be improved, sometimes even completely cleared when we pay attention to cleansing and detoxification.

And if you’re far along in your journey, use this as a reminder to improve upon what you’ve already been doing.

Tips to boost your Mini-Clean

  1. Have a Breakfast Shake:
    Shakes are one of the simplest ways to support your body’s natural ability to cleanse and detoxify. They’re easy to make, taste great, and are loaded with easily-digestible nutrition.

Using a good protein powder in addition to fruit, leafy greens, healthy fats, and coconut or almond milk, can give you the nutrients needed to support your energy for hours.

(If you are using a protein powder, sometimes the texture can become gritty. Add in a quarter of an avocado, a spoonful of almond butter, or a banana to help smooth the texture.)

( The colour that is most deficient in people’s diets is the spectrum of blue-purple. Use your shake as an opportunity to include blue-purple foods like blueberries and blackberries.)

  1. Follow the Twelve-Hour Window
    After your evening meal, leave a twelve-hour window before having your morning meal. Having your evening meal at 7pm, means you should wait until 7am to have your morning shake. If you fill up your belly late at night, and eat early again the next day, your body isn’t given the opportunity to clean house.
  2. Keep Moving

Cold winter weather often reduces our amount of movement and exercise. When this happens we can feel sluggish, tired, and off. We need to keep moving because exercise helps support our detox organs, keeps our lymph moving, and stimulates the feel-good hormones.

Christmas Recipe Guide: If you’re looking for clean alternatives to traditional Christmas recipes, email me and I will send you out some recipes for you to try

Are you in?
Lasting for 5 days, we’re challenging you in cleaning up our diets before the rest of the Christmas season takes off

Keep us updated on what you’re eating and how you’re feeling in the comment section

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