This Week I am Cooking – Sweet Chili & Lime Salmon

On my other blog, I wrote a piece on how we should stop watching the news, and start looking up at the beauty that is around us. you should head on over there and give it a read. During this lockdown, more and more people are cooking at home (like they got a choice with a lot of the main restaurants are closed)

It may be easy for me to say this, but cooking food is easy. I mean once you can get your hands on some quality fresh ingredients, then you are onto a winner. Don’t over complicate things in the kitchen, and always keep it simple, to a few ingredients max! Just like my easy peasy simple sweet chili and lime salmon.

Once again, I reckon if i was to visit your kitchen, I would find a half used bottle of sweet chili sauce in your cupboard or fridge. Well now you have a dish where you can use it up. By the way this sauce is just as good with some grilled or roast chicken.

By now you have had to of heard how salmon is especially good for your Omega 3’s. If you have to watch that cholesterol number, this is what every doctor will tell you eat to help reduce bad cholesterol. (just switch the cream for water). I eat mine with some steamed basmati rice & stir fry greens

Go on and give it a try & let me know how you get on. If you have any questions, just pop them in the contact form below

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