Make Monday’s Meatless

Meat Eaters – the challenge is to make Mondays Meatless. It is simple just swap your meat-based meals for vegan meals on Monday each week. That’s the challenge, plain and simple.

I have been shocked, left speechless. I have just read that over 1,000,000, yes that’s over 1 million animals are slaughtered every hour in the USA. And that is only over there! What if we adopted a vegan diet for just one day a week?

After one month eating a vegan diet one day a week will help avoid the death of 33 animals, the use of 33,000 gallons of water for animal food production, the destruction of 900 square feet of forest, the creation of an extra 600 pounds of CO2 gas, and the feeding of 1,200 pounds of grain to animals that could have fed starving communities worldwide. (Dr Joel Kahn) From these numbers, it’s easy to see that even one person going vegan for just one day has a significant impact.

And we make it simple for you to Make Mondays Meatless with our range of ready-made “Heat to Eat” vegan meals.

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