What My Clients Say

Hey Ross , so its my second day of dinners and OMG they are divine cannot believe i have been missing out all this time , Yesterday was the Amok ? cambodian curry its the nicest meal i have had in the longest of times , How can you get healthy food to taste that good !!! anyway can i have 5 meals again for next week GF , and i have roped my fella into trying them , he has a marathon coming up in a couple of weeks so maybe something high protein , if possible , again not a fussy eater and he doesnt have any allergies his can have gluten , please , i cant wait for dinner each day …one happy customer …. Thanks .…. Angeline P

  • Hey Ross, just had the salad I got off u this evening for my tea and it was fantastic, loved everything u had in it, so tasty. Both salads I got off u this week were fab!.. Joy Phelan

Loved the smoked haddock pancake today . 👍as usual it was so tasty” .… Geraldine O Keeffe

Coming to the end of a week of having lunch and dinner from RBK Fresh Fit Food and the advantages have been fantastic!The convenience of having a healthy and… oh so tasty meal ready in the fridge when I get a chance to feed myself has been priceless
I feel great. ..because I have ate great
Especially his curry’s 👌👌👌👌.. Thanks Paula

Couldn’t believe Ross Barrett back to work today, following last night’s arrival home from Cambodia. Stocked up again with gorgeous Paleo dinners. Yummmm. Thanks Ross.. Carmel Horan

Hi guys
If any of ye might be thinking or in a position (like me living alone) to get the lunches and dinners from Ross b, I would highly recommend it . The food is just fab and service brilliant and at least I know the exact calories . I was dreaming of having someone to cook healthy for me for so long I can’t believe it took me this long to find someone .. Geraldine O Keefe

“After my second pregnancy ( with twins) I was desperate to lose weight and I was at my heaviest. Although I started to exercise as soon as I was allowed, the progress was slow and the weight wasn’t dropping off as quickly as I’d hoped. Nevertheless I continued with my exercise regime and when I got stronger and a bit fitter I decided to take more drastic measures and that’s when I started to go to Ross. After a few weeks I started to feel and see the difference and I became …even more determined to lose more weight and get even stronger. Then I started following his meal plan as well. First I started with his delicious smoothies which were a great solution for breakfast ( and also got me out of the habit of skipping one) and later I started eating his calorie controlled meals as well. Not only the weight started to fall off rapidly I also realised you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight. It is vital to nourish your body with healthy food to repair muscles and allow the body to reenergise itself. Ross’s fitness plan worked brilliantly for me ( I lost all the weight I wanted to and also got muscle definition) and I can’t recommend it highly enough. His meals are delicious and very well put together to compliment any exercise regime. I definitely recommend his smoothies especially his muscle milk after a workout.”.. Zofia



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