Cooking is fun and can be a great way to get children involved with their own food choices. Involve them in everything from meal prep to grocery shopping. Children are great helpers in the kitchen so assign them tasks like preparing lettuce for a salad, stirring soups or stews and mixing ingredients.

molly 1.jpg

Had a wonderful time teaching Benny & Molly some of my secrets in preparing and cooking healthy meals for all the family.. The kids got involved to… 1 chicken 5 ways… Chana Masala, Biriyani, Saltimbocca on parsnip & lemon mash, Cajun Chicken, Fennel, Cavolo Nero & Tenderstem Broccoli. Chicken, celeriac, date and sweet potato tagine…

If you would like to spend a couple of hours learning some of the secrets to overcoming fussy eaters or how to cook healthy food at home, call me.. 085.8894665

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