This Week I Am Cooking – Chana Masala

One of the most popular dishes we make here is Chana Masala. When I take it off the menu, the orders still come piling in for it. A simple dish, hearty, saucy chickpea and tomato dish with some mild spices. I am sure that if I was to pop into your kitchen right now you would have all the ingredients in your cupboards to make it (yes even the chickpeas)

Origins: Chana masala originated from the northern parts of India where it’s a staple dish. But it has gained popularity in the past few years because it’s vegan, rich in protein, and simple to make. Chana masala can also be called chole masala, referring to the kind of garam used in the dish. Simply put, “Chana” means chickpea and “masala” refers to a blend of spices used in Indian cooking.

Boom, Its ready to eat. If you don’t eat potatoes, serve some rice with it. And if there is any left over, and I am guessing there wont, it can be frozen.


Did you make this recipe? Please let me know how it turned out for you!

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